Exterior window cleaning | Window cleaning by experts in Brussels

You can get our company to help you clean structures such as shopping malls, business buildings, skyscrapers, and determine any exterior window cleaning needs. We pride ourselves on being the best assistance for cleaning exterior facades such as siding, metal, walls, glass coverings.

The formula of exterior cleaning of our company, which is distinguished by the slogans of quality and trust among the cleaning companies in Brussels, is as follows:

  • Information about the physical structure of the building is given by phone or e-mail, preferably with pictures.
  • The equipment that our staff will use for cleaning, crane, ladder, telescopic stick, chemicals, is determined according to the structure of the building.
  • The cleaning service starts at the time you want

There may be hard to remove substances such as silicone, glue, labels after a renovation or restoration on your windows. But don’t worry… Our company will take care of it easily without leaving you any inconvenience.