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At Belux Cleaning, we know that the cleanliness of your premises contributes to the improvement of your brand image and well-being at work. Our experience of more than 25 years in this sector and our “know-how” will give you complete satisfaction for all your professional cleaning. This customer satisfaction is our company philosophy based on: responsibility, quality and continuous improvement of the services provided.


A sense of responsibility is developed through the development of trust. Our employees must be aware of their professional obligations and perform their duties WITH responsibility for their actions and decisions.


The ultimate goal is to achieve the best performance in terms of safety, quality, costs and deadlines for customers. Belux Cleaning has therefore decided to make operational excellence one of its priorities.


We conduct regular client audits to ensure that we are meeting or exceeding our objectives. This allows us to improve and implement an unparalleled quality of service.

Behind every successful company, there is a team, a story and a vision

Our heritage and philosophy are the inspiration for our future, as they form the basis for our actions.

At Belux Cleaning, people are at the center of our activities and strategy. All Belux employees are the face of our family business. Of course, this is only possible if our own employees can also work in a unique and inspiring environment. This is the case at Belux Cleaning. By developing strong relationships between our employees and our customers, we help create a trustworthy and caring atmosphere at work.

It is not only today that we provide quality, but throughout the ages and since the foundation of Belux Cleaning. This great company has a history behind it and this history is passed on to all our valued employees. In order to provide the best service, we provide cleaners who work for your safety, productivity and well-being. Our experts made sure that the workplaces were impeccable, even in terms of experience. In other words, in every era until 2022, we have contributed to the well-being of the workplace and strengthened the image of our customers through loyal and competent employees.

To inspire us and plan our future, we have always relied on a history that goes back more than 40 years. With the experience we have gained and the work we have done, a corporate culture has developed. And within that culture, a philosophy that states that our goal is to build lasting relationships with our clients through professionalism, quality and relationship management that incorporates continuous improvement.

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Our charter of trust

The trust you place in us must be earned every day. The following promises should help. Our employees fulfill them every day, with care and passion.