crystallisation of common building marble

Marble cleaning and crystallization in Brussels and Belgium

Marble is a highly sought after natural stone that gives a noble appearance to any building. Although it is an elegant and durable material, everyday use eventually takes its toll on its beauty. To help it regain its former appearance, it is therefore necessary to maintain it.

This is where we come in… With special treatments, the experts at Belux Cleaning make your marble more resistant and easier to maintain.

Marble crystallization – Belux Cleaning

Belux Cleaning performs a complete renovation of all marble floors.

We treat the marble to give it a great shine, using a process called crystallization. Click here to find a description of the work related to this process.


Crystallization consists of adding an active coating that causes a chemical reaction on the surface of the stone, restoring the marble or any other limestone to its natural luster. After drying, the stone regains its smooth and polished shine. It is the stone itself that shines, no product remains after the treatment, so the result is more durable.

The main objective of this process is to restore the natural shine and reflections of the marble. In addition, since the molecular structure has been restored, daily cleaning will be easier.

Note that if the stone is too damaged, polishing may be necessary before crystallization.