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Company FAQs2022-11-08T09:49:47+01:00


Here are the most frequently asked questions

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) from our customers. We strive to help you with all your cleaning needs and if you would like to contact us, please feel free to use our contact form or call us at 02 218 24 16.

Do you use environmentally friendly products?2022-09-19T18:07:20+02:00

All of our products have been formulated to meet the highest standards of cleaning, health and safety. We regularly audit our suppliers to demonstrate their environmental credentials.

What happens if my cleaner is sick?2022-09-19T18:10:28+02:00

If your regular cleaner is sick or on vacation, we make sure that a replacement is sent out who is fully trained in cleaning your specific site.

Is there a high rate of staff turnover?2022-09-19T18:10:36+02:00

Our staff turnover rate is very low compared to our competitors and this is due to the way we treat our staff. Our staff is paid above minimum wage, while being regularly trained, supervised and motivated. Our management team also takes a keen interest in the staff at our sites outside the workplace.

Do you use an agency for your cleaning?2022-09-19T18:10:43+02:00

We do not use an agency to cover the work or our recruitment. Each of our cleaners is screened and interviewed by our management team. This guarantees total control over the people we employ, which is important to us because it allows us to maintain the level of quality that distinguishes us from our competitors in Brussels.

Does your cleaning company perform regular checks?2022-09-19T18:10:50+02:00

Our inspectors draw up a periodic inspection report. Complaints, suggestions and remarks are communicated to the client by e-mail the day after the inspection.

Do you ensure that cleaning staff do not bring in unwanted and unknown people?2022-09-19T18:10:55+02:00

Belux Cleaning employees are required to wear company clothing and an identity badge with the NSSO number. The purpose of these measures is to identify authorized and unauthorized persons.

How regular is your cleaning activity in the long term?2022-09-19T18:11:41+02:00

It is important for our employees to have regular work. Regularity allows them to organise their private life with their family. This is why consistency is part of the Belux Cleaning culture. In case of a change, Belux Cleaning will inform the customer in advance.

Are you sure that your cleaning company is proactive?2022-09-19T18:11:48+02:00

Belux Cleaning has a system in place to encourage staff to provide appropriate services to our customers. Wherever possible, our inspectors will make a more integrated offer to customers, maximising the efficiency of our staff time.

What is your hourly rate?2022-09-19T18:11:54+02:00

We don’t like to offer a standard price because every building and every company has different needs. Our competitive prices are tailored to your needs so you don’t pay for what you don’t need.

Recevons-nous un contrat de nettoyage ?2022-09-19T18:12:01+02:00

You will receive a contract, but unlike our competitors, we will not commit you to a long-term or fixed-term contract, so you can terminate the contract at any time. Our customers stay with us because they want to, not because they have to.

How do you calculate the price of your contracts?2022-09-19T18:12:06+02:00

The price of each contract is different. We agree a date and time that suits you and one of our directors will come and have a quick look around, which shouldn’t take long, and then quote a price. This is then transformed into a cleaning proposal which is sent to you by post and e-mail. The cleaning proposal includes important information about us and a full price estimate.

Do you provide the cleaning materials2022-09-19T18:12:13+02:00

Yes, we provide cleaning equipment and materials, which can be left on site or, if you wish, brought on site on the days when cleaning is carried out. In the proposal, you will also find a complete and detailed price list of our cleaning products.

Can you provide us with references?2022-09-19T18:12:19+02:00

Yes, of course. We have a list of references and a testimonials page on our website which contains a number of comments from our clients. However, if you need a direct reference from some of our clients, we can arrange this for you.

Who should we contact if we have a problem?2022-09-18T22:49:18+02:00

We like to keep a comment book on hand for any minor issues. Regular meetings are also held with the area manager, who can be contacted by phone or e-mail at any time.

Do you perform regular quality control and supervision?2022-09-18T22:49:22+02:00

Our cleaners are regularly supervised by on-site managers to ensure that the premises are cleaned to the highest standards. We also ask for feedback from our customers, so that if they have concerns about any part of our service, we can resolve them immediately. It is not possible to supervise a cleaner by phone. The manager must visit frequently to understand the needs of the clients and ensure that our agent is well trained, motivated and happy.

Are your cleaners fully trained?2022-09-18T22:49:20+02:00

Yes, our staff is fully trained before they start cleaning. They then undergo regular training on new regulations and cleaning techniques. In addition, our staff is trained on the features and benefits of our new products and how to use them. All our staff members receive a manual detailing all Belux Cleaning procedures.

How often do you clean the site?2022-09-18T22:49:17+02:00

Our services are tailored to your specific needs, we clean from 1 day to 7 days a week. The number of days depends entirely on you and your needs.

Will we always have the same cleaner?2022-09-18T22:49:17+02:00

Yes, it is. We like to keep the same cleaner because it will become more efficient and effective in cleaning your premises after the initial off-site and on-site training. We like our cleaners to build long-term relationships within the team they work on and then receive regular refresher training on site.

At what times do you clean?2022-09-18T22:49:18+02:00

We can clean at the time you want, we are totally flexible in terms of hours and days. We adapt our service to your needs.

Who should we contact if we have requests?2022-09-18T22:49:23+02:00

Each of our clients has their own area manager, who will be their first point of contact if they need additional services or have any requests. They can also contact the head office and our customer support department directly, both of which can be reached through the main telephone number on our website.

Do you offer other services?2022-09-18T22:49:21+02:00

Yes, we offer a wide range of services, from cleaning and maintenance to garbage removal, pest control, handyman services, on-site assistance and more, which you can view on our

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