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More than 90 employees honor Belux Cleaning with their loyalty, regularity and flexibility. The staff will seduce you with their discretion, politeness and impeccable presentation. Our strategy is simple: maintain and improve the quality of the work environment and therefore your brand image.

Monika De Backer
Monika De BackerHuman resources
Monika De Backer supervises the smooth running of HR and supports Belux Cleaning to ensure that our cleaners meet industry standards.
Stéphane Laurie
Stéphane LaurieQuality Manager
Stéphane Laurie has been involved since the creation of Belux Cleaning in 1997. He has held various positions within the company and is now responsible for quality and safety standards.
Samira Hannachi
Samira HannachiSales Representative
Samira Hannachi, once a cleaner and team leader, has risen through the ranks to become a sales manager. Her proactivity and hard work make her an irreplaceable asset.
 Nora Hannachi
Nora HannachiAccount Manager
Nora Hannachi brings many years of financial expertise. She oversees all of our accounting management systems and ensures that performance targets are met.
Abdel Abachtour
Abdel AbachtourSenior Supervisor
Abdel Abachtour, our senior supervisor, is entrusted with the most practical tasks and responsibilities, namely staff training and on-site supervision.
Brigitte Dellis
Brigitte DellisOffice Manager
The daily office operations are managed by Brigitte Dellis. As an intermediary between you and the company, she ensures that everything is in order administratively.

Need a general or industrial cleaning service or window cleaning?

We put at your disposal teams of qualified technicians, permanently trained in the most modern cleaning techniques, with a spirit of initiative, an immediate reactivity, and to whom we transmit the spirit of an optimal service.