How to ensure good cleaning in schools?

Schools are busy places where our children spend most of their days being taught and trained. It is an environment where our children and all those involved in education and training are in close contact as virtually all spaces are used in common. Therefore, they require more frequent and regular cleaning than other environments. If we want our children to be healthy, we need to ensure that places where they spend a lot of time, such as schools, are clean. This is not a task that can be done by one person, as schools have many compartments that need to be cleaned.

Throughout the day, these places have to be cleaned many times at regular intervals. It is therefore very advantageous to work with specialised cleaning companies to clean schools. Qualified teams know exactly where and how often to clean in order to maintain hygienic conditions. They do this work faster because they do it professionally. They also know which product to use in which setting, as they are professionals in the quality of the cleaning products to be used when cleaning.

Cleaning in schools

Schools are more than just places where children go to school. Pupils seem to use classrooms in a particularly active way, but they do not seem to spend less time in other parts of the school. Almost every day, pupils can be found in the corridors, the garden, the gymnasium, the changing rooms, the refectory or the cafeteria, and especially the toilets. Special attention should be paid to the cleanliness of the toilets, which should be disinfected at regular intervals. In addition to these areas, sanitation of the environments where the school’s administrative and pedagogical staff spend their time is also crucial. Major health problems develop if these areas are not cleaned properly.

To avoid health problems and to ensure that all members of the school can carry out their work in a calm and reliable atmosphere, a healthy and clean school environment is crucial. Before the children and teachers arrive at school, the whole building should receive an initial cleaning. It is essential that pupils arrive at school in a clean environment. This prevents pupils from coming into contact with cleaning products. When pupils are in class, the corridors and toilets should also be cleaned. These areas should also be cleaned frequently throughout the day.

How to ensure good cleaning in schools?

The most important thing to do to keep schools clean is to carry out a general cleaning before pupils arrive and to ensure that every space is well ventilated, as it is crucial for pupils to reach a healthy school. Classrooms should be thoroughly cleaned, and desks and tables dusted, before pupils arrive. Floors should then be cleaned with appropriate cleaning products. Classrooms should be ventilated after cleaning, as young people should not be exposed to cleaning chemicals. Some children may be allergic to these products, so it is essential that classrooms are well ventilated.

In addition, natural cleaning products that are safe for human health should be used in the cleaning process, as throughout the day children come into contact with many different objects. Their health can be endangered if they come into contact with chemical detergent residues. After cleaning the general purpose areas and classrooms, the staff room and administrative areas should be thoroughly cleaned and desks and cupboards should be dusted. Before pupils arrive, the school grounds should also be cleaned, and precautions should be taken to ensure that children enter a clean school.

Conclusion on school cleaning

Cleaning schools is a responsibility that should never be ignored or done haphazardly. As our children are naturally active, their environment can be cleaned several times a day. Every break should be used to thoroughly clean the toilets and ensure hygiene by using appropriate disinfectants. Staff who carry out cleaning tasks in schools should receive thorough training on school cleaning, as the well-being of our children is at stake. School cleaning is a team effort. It should be checked from time to time by competent persons. Staff members involved in school cleaning should be aware that the area needs to be cleaned several times a day, even consecutively. Staff who show compassion for children will therefore perform better and be more motivated in their jobs.

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