It is not easy to choose the best service provider in the very competitive sector we are active in. That is why we have created a list of criteria that we have responded to.

How can I analyse and compare various competitive offers?

Check that the supplier provides the following elements :

Site and personnel check
Proof of personnel presence
Police check certificates of the personnel
Permanent personnel training
Quality products and the choice of ecological products That it is conform to the recommended standards and rates of the UGBN-ABSU (www.absugbn.be).

How can I change to another cleaning company?

The terms & conditions of the cleaning company can be found either in the contract or on the back of the invoice. As a rule the term of the contract is unlimited and the notice period is between 1 and 3 months, to be sent by registered letter.

What should be included in the monthly rates of a cleaning company?

Wages and fees
National insurance and legal insurance
Gross margin
Public holidays
Incidental leave
Guaranteed weekly and monthly wages
Holidays and days off
Work clothes
Transport expenses
Occupational medicine
Supply and write-off of products, equipment and machines, their maintenance, orders and stock keeping
Administrative, social and technical personnel management
Supervision, inspection and control costs

Do I have to pay the equipment and the cleaning products?

No, the amount is included in the flat monthly fee: supply and delivery of products, equipment and machines.

Are ecological products more expensive than others?

Absolutely not, all the cleaning companies can provide ecological products at the same price.

Do you guarantee that your cleaning company performs regular inspections?

Our inspectors draw up a periodical inspection report of which the complaints, suggestions and comments are communicated to the client by email the day after the visit.

Do you guarantee that your cleaning staff does not bring in undesired and unknown persons?

The personnel of Belux Cleaning must wear the company clothes and an identity badge with their ONSS number. These measures are for the purpose of identifying authorised persons and those who are not.

Do you guarantee that your cleaning company performs will be regular in the long term?

Regular work is important to our staff. Regularity enables them to organise their personal life with their families. That is why regularity is part of the Belux Cleaning company culture. In case of changes, Belux Cleaning commits to inform the client in advance.

Do you guarantee that your cleaning company is proactive and keeps your interests in mind?

Belux Cleaning implements a system that encourages the staff to propose other appropriate services to our clients. Where possible our inspectors will propose a better integrated offer to the clients, thus optimising the time efficiency in the work of our staff.

Do you guarantee that your cleaning company is well trained and able of using new products or adapting to new situations?

Our personnel regularly follows training courses on the characteristics and benefits of our new products and the way of using them. All our staff members receive a manual that details all the processes of Belux Cleaning.