Our trust charter


We need to win your trust day by day. The promises below are there to help us. Our employees keep them every day with care and dedication.

1. Always high quality.
Everyone likes to work in a clean environment. That is our job. We only use quality products with an Ecolabel, and guarantee quality through our digital service of text message supervision. You are regularly informed of the results in a report.

2. A fair and competitive rate.
Belux Cleaning is a member of the UGBN, Union Générale Belge du Nettoyage. Our prices are based on the hourly rates recommended by the UGBN-ABSU. We thus guarantee a fair and competitive price..

3.Sensible advice.
When and how frequently must cleaning be done? We are here to give you expert advice on the appropriate frequency and work methods. 40 years’ experience that represents a huge sum of knowledge.

4. Reliable staff.
As our staff is carefully selected we know all our employees in person. They have at least five years’ experience and are trained in house to distribute our philosophy with conviction.

5. Absolute flexibility..
Impossible to anticipate the unexpected. Do you need an additional clean? Do you wish to adapt the terms of the contract? Do you have a specific question or request? We listen attentively and always look for the best solution.

6. Reliable staff
Are you not happy with the results? Contact us and we guarantee a solution within a week. If after that you still are not satisfied we will refund you in full.


The cleaning world is a special sector and Belux Cleaning stands out by being transparent with you at all levels. We guarantee flawless quality and flexibility, which is demonstrated by the loyalty of our clients for decades.

Motivated employees, an efficient and transparent control system, a reputation of flawless quality for 40 years. These are a few points that make us stand out. But no, we are not the cheapest on the market, because then we would not be the best.