More than 90 employees honour Belux Cleaning towards our clients through their loyalty, reliability and flexibility.

Our employees are our pride and our quality; we have relied on them to satisfy our clients for the last forty years.

With a 90-strong team we are a company you can rely on as our team will not change from week to week; it will remain true to your company.

All the photos on this website were made on our clients’ premises with our employees in a relaxed and motivating atmosphere. They will give you an overview of our company and the atmosphere in our teams.


Our teams are dynamic, passionate and loyal to Belux Cleaning since decades.

A big thank you to all!

  • Gianluca Memmi
    Sales Manager

  • Stéphane Laurie
    HR Manager

  • Nora Hannachi
    Financial Department

  • Olivier Memmi
    Managing Director

  • Abdel Abajtour

  • Nicolas Joly
    Operational Manager

  • Brigitte Dellis
    Administration Office

It is not easy to choose the best service provider in the very competitive sector we are active in. That is why we have created a list of criteria to which we have responded through reference points that you can find under our FAQ.